Back From Being Gone | The Battle - An Opioid Story

Release Date: Projected for Fall 2020



The sophomore release from The ANABASIS is a concept album in the rock opera format.  The Battle - An Opioid Story brings the listener inside the tumultuous and at times horrifying world of drug addiction.  It tells the story of a family's epic, multi-generational addiction struggles with raw, gritty imagery and a compelling narrative that serves as a cautionary tale to those who look down upon addicts as failures.  It calls us all out for perpetuating the stigma that accompanies addiction, despite the unambiguous position of the medical community that addiction is a medical issue, not a moral issue.
Musically the album is quite diverse and has a somewhat heavier overall sound and vibe as compared to the first album, Back From Being Gone (10t Records, 2011).  Click through the tabs here to learn more about the artists who created this album. 

George Andrade

concept, lyrics, arrangements, executive producer

George Andrade wrote the book & lyrics and was Co-Producer for "AIRS - A Rock Opera" by Brockmann/Andrade (Fencesound Music). He also developed the concept, wrote the lyrics, and was Executive Producer for "Back from Being Gone" by the progressive metal band The Anabasis (10T Records).

More recently, he has developed the concepts and written lyrics & narratives for the Norwegian rock/metal vocalist and songwriter PelleK on his albums "Ocean of Opportunity" and "A Marvelous Method of Reclusion".

He has written novel reviews for, reviewed albums for, and has provided critical readings of screenplays for independent screenwriters (most notably by Sean Ryan). He is listed in both the Locus Magazine Author's Index and the ISFDB (Internet Speculative Fiction Database) for his short story "Clowns", which appeared in HAUNTS Magazine #18 (Spring 1990).
He has also been an Artist-In-Residence for Very Special Arts Rhode Island, where he taught screenwriting at Dorcas Place in Providence, RI, whose mission remains to assist low-income adults in realizing their full potential through literacy, employment, advocacy and community involvement. He also wrote, produced and directed the short film "Supports" for Vision Cable in Pawtucket, RI, which won a RI Cable Award for "Best Entertainment/Variety" in 1992.

When last seen in the "private sector" (where they expect results), George was an assistant football coach at Mt. Hope High School in Bristol, RI (2012-2015); before that he managed the Children's, Teen, Family & Childcare, and Education Departments at Barnes & Noble in Middletown, RI.

Presently, George is writing a screenplay for PelleK (tentatively titled “Formally, Norskogen”) and researching his own massive, multi-book project called “Cloth Heart”. He has also begun work on the follow-up album to “Back from Being Gone” by The Anabasis.

He is the husband of Nicolette Collard-Andrade (24 years) and the father of Leigh Nicole (33), Taylor Evan (29), Dustin Joseph (27), and Hannah Kubrick (17). Phew.

Barry Thompson

electric/acoustic/bass guitars, mandolin, Navajo pan flute, trumpet, tenor saxophone, clarinet

Barry Thompson is a multi instrumentalist who plays guitar primarily, but has also been known to dabble in some piano, drums and saxophone.  He began playing music at the age of 10 when he took clarinet lessons in grammar school to escape the horrors of glee club and discovered that like his father before him, he had an aptitude for music.

In Junior High School, at the urging of the musical director, Barry switched from Clarinet to Tenor Saxophone, which he played in both the orchestra and the marching band.

By the time he was a freshman in High School, Barry had come to realize that girls were much more interested in a guy with a guitar than a guy with a sax.  So, with a few lessons from his grandfather (an accomplished guitarist himself) before long he was playing some of the songs on the radio on his first acoustic guitar.  

Barry's interest in other instruments waned for many years as he focused exclusively on guitar through his 20s and well into his 30s.  This culminated in the  formation of The Anabasis - which is a 100% studio music project.  

In 2004 Barry was a co-producer of the noted charity music project "The Tsunami Projekt" and he also appeared on Lee Abraham's excellent second album, "View From The Bridge" which also featured such notable UK prog musicians such as Karl Groom (Threshold) and Martin Orford (ex IQ).

Barry's musical influences range from bands such as Dream Theater, Spock's Beard, The Flower Kings, and Kansas to Iron Maiden, Opeth, Judas Priest and Black Sabbath.

He lives in Brockton, MA with his wife Sandie, his mother Sandi, his two dogs - Pebbles and Bam-Bam - and his Congo African Grey Parrot, Oscar. 


Jeroen Hendrix

keyboards, synthesizers, 

Jeroen Hendrix is a dutch keyboard-player. After studying classical piano for 10 years, he started playing synthesizers. Among his teachers are some well-known keyboardists like Derek Sherinian and Jordan Rudess. Jeroen's style is based on his classical background combined with progressive and rock elements. Please feel free to contact Jeroen at or

In 2019, Barry Thompson asked Jeroen to become the full-time keyboardist and pianist for the international studio project, The ANABASIS and they began working on the followup to 2011's critically acclaimed "Back From Being Gone" on which Jeroen played keyboards on two tracks.

Now, on our new release, Jeroen has been turned loose to build the entire scope of keyboards and orchestrations for our forthcoming album, "The Battle - An Opioid Story."  And we can't wait for you to hear what he's created! 











Jimmy Keegan

drums and percussion

Jimmy started playing at 10 years old. A few months after receiving his first drum set he landed a TV show alongside the late River Phoenix. A few months later he was doing theater in LA as a cast member and musician. By 14 he started his first band Polo that would end up in regular rotation at Disneyland as well as winning "Starsearch" and performing on numerous telethons. By 18 he had started getting calls for sessions and tours. It expanded from there. “I was lucky to have a huge family with all kinds of music playing at all times. As I grew as a musician, I just continued that trend of listening to everything. Consequently, I get calls from R&B artists as often as rock, pop and country artists.” From Santana, John Waite and Kenny Loggins to Tevin Campbell to Tony Orlando. 

In 2003 Jimmy began touring with Spock’s Beard alongside fellow Aquarian artist Nick D’Virgilio. 2012 saw Nick leaving and Jimmy taking over as the full time drummer with the release of "Brief Nocturnes and Dreamless Sleep" and 2015 with "The Oblivion Particle." Now on to new territory, A solo album coming and a new band Pattern Seeking Animals. The future is here!











Brian Cobb

bass guitar

Brian Cobb has been playing bass since the early 1990s. His first band was called The Coda, which he joined in 1993. Aside from performing covers of Queen, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Rush and other groups, The Coda wrote and recorded two albums while Brian was a member. Working as a solo artist under the band name Split Personality, Brian released an album entitled Reflections in 2001 in which he played all of the instruments and produced the album himself. Upon moving to Boston later in 2001, Brian met and partnered with Barry Thompson, and this partnership continues to this day in The Anabasis.

While working together on the album that was called Fractured and eventually released in 2005, the Indonesian tsunami of 2004 killed hundreds of thousands of people. Brian and Barry teamed up to produce The Tsunami Projekt, a collection of songs from groups around the world that was sold to raise money to help the victims. In total, The Tsunami Projekt raised over $10,000, which was donated entirely to the American Red Cross in early 2005.

In the fall of 2005, Brian moved to the Cleveland area and was on hiatus for several years. In 2010, Haiti was struck by a major earthquake that killed over 100,000 people. Drawing from his experiences on The Tsunami Projekt, Brian produced another compilation album that was released in 2010 with the title The Haiti Projekt. As before, the raised money was donated to the American Red Cross to help the many victims.

Then in 2011, he paired with a local guitarist, Gabe Zentner, and began writing songs for a new album. This project was a bit different from previous efforts in that the album was purely instrumental and was much more in the progressive metal genre. The resulting album Redacted was released in 2014 under the band name Asymmetry and is available on Spotify, Amazon Music and other streaming services.

At present, Brian is working on another solo album, which is in the writing phase, and is excited to contribute his bass playing to forthcoming The Anabasis album.



Brick Williams

lead guitar

Brick Williams is the founding member and mastermind behind Hourglass; the award-winning progressive metal band from Utah. Conceived in 1999, the band is currently working on new material. 

Their latest release was the ambitious double album "Oblivious to the Obvious", which was received extremely well by fans around the world. The band is known for their longer compositions and technical prowess.

In The ANABASIS, Brick's technical and tasteful solos are always in service to the song and never overly flashy.  

On this album Brick will be handing the bulk of the guitar solos, giving him the opportunity to truly leave his stamp on this record. 

And we couldn't possibly be more thrilled to have him!